Electrical Repair Service Worcester MA

Electricity is one of the most central forces of our lives.  It powers our devices, it lights our homes, it keeps our appliances running, it helps us stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter… the list goes on and on.  So when something isn’t working quite right in our electrical systems, things can go from an uncomfortable inconvenience to a big problem pretty fast.

That’s where Worcester Electrical Pros steps in.  We offer full electrical repair services for all residences in the Worcester, MA area.  Our team of master electricians have years of training and experience so that they can diagnose the problem and fix it quickly and correctly.  We have most supplies and tools on-hand when we arrive so that we can fix almost any problem on the spot, rather than having to reschedule and come back another day.  Best of all, we offer competitive rates on all of our repairs, because we understand that keeping your home running shouldn’t break your bank.  Keep reading for a list of a few of the electrical repair services that we offer!

Electrical Repairs Worcester MA

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    Electrical Troubleshooting Worcester MA

    If you have signs that something isn’t working correctly in your home (intermittent power, flickering lights, etc.), but you can’t tell what exactly is causing the problem, have no worries.  Everyone on our staff is skilled at troubleshooting any electrical problems you may be experiencing.  We’ll come diagnose the problem, and we generally carry enough equipment to be able to take care of most issues on the spot. ​

    Home Electrical Repairs Worcester MA

    Licensed Electrician Worcester

    Broken, frayed, or faulty wiring can be a big problem.  Not only is it preventing you from receiving power properly into your home, but bad wiring can be a serious fire or injury hazard.  Our courteous technicians can easily identify any spots of iffy wiring and replace them for you in no time at all.  Whether your home is new or decades old, you can trust that we have the expertise and the tools to get the job done. We repair broken outlets, dimmers, switches, lights, appliances, doorbells, and more.

    Worn-out or faulty wiring is too much of a risk to put off, so if your wiring is in need of repairs be sure to give us a call today so that we can fix the problem for you as quickly as possible!

    Lighting Repair Worcester MA

    It’s hard to keep your life moving when the lights in your home go out; it’s difficult to function when everything’s in the dark!  Lighting repair is a very common service call, and it’s something that we can fix very quickly.  If you want to get the fastest lighting repair in the area with the friendliest service, then make sure that you call Worcester Electrical Pros! ​Our homes depend on lighting, and we can fix any type you have, interior, exterior, recessed, under-cabinet, dimmers, chandeliers, accent lights, sensor lights, security lights, neon lights, workshop lights etc. 

    Switches and Dimmers Repair Worcester

    Do you have a switch or dimmer (or several) that don’t seem to work?  That’s not a problem for Worcester Electrical Pros!  Just give us a call and we’ll be out to your home quick as a flash to repair, replace, or upgrade your switches and dimmers as needed.  We can also install floor outlets to reduce tripping hazards, as well as direct outlets for your appliances so that there are no unsightly cords hanging about your home.  And if you’d like to save on your power bill each month, we’re happy to install brighter, longer-lasting, energy-efficient LED bulbs for you.

    Circuit Breaker Repair Worcester MA

    Circuit breaker problems are definitely something you want to have addressed right away.  If all the wiring in your home is a nervous system, then your circuit breaker is the brain; it controls how much power goes to every outlet and switch.  A circuit breaker failure can be a costly thing to have happen in the middle of an emergency, and if your circuit breakers are older or outdated there can be very long wait times to get new parts… if they’re even available at all.

    If you suspect something may be wrong with your circuit breakers, don’t hesitate and give Worcester Electrical Pros a call today.  We’ll come right out and do any necessary repairs; or if we think you’re better off upgrading your circuit breakers, we’ll suggest that as an option as well.

    Electrical Code Violation Corrections

    Every building in the country (including private homes) is subject to the National Electrical Code (NEC) and the standards set forth by the National Fire Prevention Agency.  If you are a homeowner or a landlord, then you are responsible for ensuring that your property meets these standards.  Luckily, Worcester Electrical Pros is here to make that easy on you.  We’re happy to come out to your home and go over your electrical system with a fine-toothed comb to make sure everything is up to code.  If we find any problems, we can usually fix them right there on the spot.

    Electrical Generator Repair Worcester

    While we all hope we don’t have to use our backup generators very often, it’s often a necessity that they be kept in good condition.  As they saying goes, if you take care of it, it will take care of you.  Here at Worcester Electrical Pros we recommend regular maintenance in order to keep your generator in top condition.  If the event of a failure, just give us a call and we’ll come right out to make any necessary repairs.

    Worcester Electrical Pros is your company of choice when it comes to all residential electrical repair services!  If your home is in need of some repairs, give us a call today.  Our offices are open Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm.  You can also fill out the online form found above to get a quote right away.