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Technological growth has exploded in these past couple of decades, and with our increasingly reliance on new tech comes an increased need for power usage as well.  Older electrical systems are only meant to handle to handle so much use before the strain causes them to fail.  Whether it’s powerful new appliances that have a bigger demand for energy, or the multitude of devices (such as tvs, computers, routers, ipads, gaming consoles, etc.) that we always have plugged in and running, outdated electrical systems just can’t keep up.  Everything new device or upgraded fixture contributes to the risk for shortages, brown-outs, or even electrical fires.

But luckily, Worcester Electrical Pros knows exactly what to do to help get all of your electrical systems up-to-date!  We can handle any electrical repair in your home so that you can rest easy knowing your home is safe, energy-efficient, and up to code.

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    Panel Upgrade Service Worcester MA

    Your electrical panel is what regulates how much power is going into your home or property from the main electrical grid.  New appliances and the abundance of technological devices that we all have plugged in at home put a much higher demand on our electrical panels than we did in the past.  In order to avoid unwanted shorts, blown fuses, or other related problems, we highly recommend that you consider upgrading your electrical panel today.  A little money spent now could end up saving you hundreds or even thousands down the road in repairs.

    If you’re worried that your panel might need to be upgraded, here’s a few warning signs to look out for:

    • Brown-outs:  restricted or limited flow of power to your home and possibly the surrounding area.
    • Black-outs:  a complete power outage, often affecting large areas at a time.
    • Power surges:  can potentially short out or overload any devices or appliances not plugged in to surge protectors.
    • Intermittent power:  power that flares and fades unpredictably. ​

    Wiring and Circuitry Upgrades, Outlets and Switches Upgrades Worcester MA

    Chandelier Installation Worcester MA

    Electrical wiring is something you always want to keep updated in your home or property.  Faulty or worn-out wiring can be a serious fire hazard, or could cause electrocution if the wiring is in an exposed area.  And of course, worn wiring will mean that power isn’t getting delivered the way it should.

    Additionally, older types of electrical wiring (ex. knob-and-tube wiring, aluminum branch electrical wiring, ungrounded two-wire home electrical system, etc.) simply aren’t designed to handle the demands of all of our new technology.  We’re plugging in more and more new devices and upgraded appliances each day; you want to be certain that your system can handle that demand without shorting out or causing damage to your devices, appliances, or home. Our expert electricians will install all-new wiring, outlets, and switches in your home so that your electrical system is running at the most optimal level possible.  Your home will be up to the code, and you can rest easy knowing that you aren’t at risk for any unpredictable shorts or accidents.

    Residential Electrical Upgrades Worcester

    If you are remodeling our home, then you definitely give Worchester Electrical Pros a call.  We’ll work with you and/or your contractor so that your new renovations meet all zoning laws, homeowner’s association guidelines, and NEC/ National Fire Prevention Agency codes.  We can do any necessary rewiring and install new outlets or switches as needed; we can also help install hidden wires, etc. in order to preserve the aesthetic of your home.

    Our licensed electricians will make certain that the new areas of your home are fully wired and ready to go!

    If you’d like help with some electrical installations or upgrades in your home, then give Worcester Electrical Pros a call today!  You can reach our office at 1(774)223-7113, Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm, or you can receive a free quote by filling out our online form found at the top of the page.