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Some of the most common electrical issues occur with light switches and power outlets. These see a lot of use and occasionally need replacement or repair, but if these aren’t working then it’s hard to get anything done in your home or workplace!

If your outlets aren’t working then it could mean a couple of things. Either a circuit breaker could have been tripped or there could be some loose wires that need to be replaced. It could also be due to the outlet cover overheating which can cause things to stop working properly. If you’ve noticed any sparks or burning smells coming from any of your outlets then you should stop using them immediately until you can get a professional to take a look and see what’s going on with it. A loose outlet can also come out of the wall which exposes the wires and can cause sparks or a loss of power. That can be a hazard and should be taken care of as soon as possible. Left to hang, it could cause damage.

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    Another issue that we come across very often are faulty light switches, especially dimmers. LED lights can often be problematic with dimmers, but there are ways to make them work smoothly. First we’d have to check to see exactly what the electrical situation in your building is before we can find a way to solve your problem. With LED lights and dimmers solutions vary from case to case, so we’d need to take a look at what kind of lamps or light fixtures are in question and their compatibility with the switches or dimmers they’ve been fitted with.

    LED dimmers might cause you problems like drop outs where the light turns off before you reach the bottom, pop on’s where the light jumps to the brightest setting, and dead travels where there’s little to no change as you turn the dimmer.

    If you’ve been experiencing any of these issues then you’d do best to give us a call and get us to come and set your lights straight.